Looking ahead in 2017

January 13, 2017Blog, Latest News

Lots of cool stuff going forward on the photo/film making part of my life: 1) I have become a member of the Colorado Photography Arts Center which has been a fixture here in the Denver photography community for years. Working solo like I do can be a bit isolating, so this gives me a group … Read More

2016 Democratic National Convention – Confronting the Bully

July 29, 2016Blog, Commentary

It’s been interesting to see how the Democrats dealt with Trump this week. In a lot of ways they employed classic anti-bullying strategies. A bully is successful when they can go one-on-one and use threats, intimidation, and name-calling to humiliate and subdue their intended victims. Trump has been highly personal in his attacks on his … Read More

United Healthcare Withdraws From Colorado

June 28, 2016Blog, Commentary

Last week we received notice that United Healthcare is withdrawing from the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange effective 1/1/2017, and we will need to seek a new insurance carrier in 2017. Currently our monthly premium for coverage through United is $1,411.00 to cover my wife and I. We have not utilized any of the insurance this … Read More

Butterflies in Motion

June 17, 2016Blog, Gear Talk, Latest News

While photographing butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, CO last month I also had a chance to film them using the Sony RX100 Mark IV camera which allows shooting a very high frame rates resulting in great slow motion. I put the clips together for a short vid and posted on Vimeo. Butterflies in … Read More

deanallman.com has a new look

June 2, 2016Latest News, Uncategorized

I am very pleased to announce that my remodeled website is now live. I built the site using WordPress and it is now a blend of a blog and website. I’m starting off with a theme that allows me to display links to slideshows of recent projects on the home page, while blog posts are … Read More

Memorial Day 2016

June 1, 2016Commentary

Freedom is a messy thing. It is so messy it even means different things to different people. For some freedom means we are free to become who we were meant to be. For others it means we have a multitude of choices for where we want to live, what we want to own, where we … Read More