In December of 2016 and then later in March of 2017 I visited the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, also known as Zoo Miami. I had learned of this zoo listening to the Dan LeBatard show on ESPN of all places. He has a segment where callers can ask questions of Ron Magill who is Communications Director and an American wildlife expert and photographer. He is a fascinating guy and I always enjoy his segment. 

Zoo Miami replaced the former Miami Zoo which was previously located in Crandon Park in Key Biscayne. That zoo was severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1980, so the zoo was moved to the former Richmond Naval Air Station southwest of Miami. It is the only tropical zoo in the continental United States

This is a very modern zoo. The animals are not kept in enclosures and have a lot of room to roam in areas that are surrounded by a moat that protects them and protects observers. It’s really a remarkable place and I will go back again. Photographing animals here is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but it was a lot of fun and good practice for when I start doing more wilderness work. 

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